Rochester Childfirst Network (RCN) held their 17th annual Mad Hatter’s Tea Party & Fashion Show

The 17th annual Mad Hatter’s Tea Party & Fashion Show, organized by Rochester Childfirst Network (RCN), took place at Irondequoit Country Club this Saturday.

The event, a longstanding tradition, sees families and locals unite to support those in need, particularly at this year’s Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and Fashion Show. The RCN collaborates with the mad hatter’s team annually to generate funds for RNC and to highlight their childcare initiatives. The increasing demand and vital importance of funding for these programs were emphasized by the organizers.

The gathering, featuring News 8’s Adam Chodak as the master of ceremonies, celebrated Jeri Rombaut, Liz Steinberg, and the children. The day was filled with activities like brunch, a silent auction, a fashion show, and a hat competition!

Joe Sergio, Chair of the Board, remarked, “Childcare is really underfunded, a huge need in the community and there’s just not enough to go around. Anything we can do to raise awareness of the need to fund and provide childcare is essential to the community.”

For more information on donations and community services, click here.

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