Monroe County

Sen. Schumer visits Rochester

Government representatives are highlighting initiatives aimed at reducing local food scarcity issues.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer reports that a key federal initiative aiding women, infants, and children, known as WIC, may face funding shortages in the upcoming two months. Schumer’s recent visit to Rochester’s Foodlink, a recipient of WIC funds, underscores the program’s importance.

“It provided breast feeding support from mothers acting as peer counselors, and it gave us well tailored monthly food packages that were focused on what’s most important for each child at each stage of development,” expressed Whitley Hasty, Foodlink Benefits Navigation Coordinator and a beneficiary of WIC.

Schumer advocates for augmented Congressional funding for WIC, in response to escalating food prices in America. His goal is to secure additional financial support for food banks across the country by mid-January.

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