The Rochester Institute of Technology put a spotlight on its new Student Hall for Exploration and Development

Rochester Institute of Technology recently showcased its latest addition, the Student Hall for Exploration and Development, this Tuesday.

Known as the SHED, the facility commenced operations with the beginning of the autumn term. Its construction started back in 2020.

RIT authorities highlighted that this is the institution’s most significant investment in infrastructure since the inauguration of its Henrietta campus in 1968, with the project costing around $120 million.

“Students can literally build and design anything,” RIT President David Munson Jr. explained. “We have multiple levels of maker spaces. On the lowest level is the heavy duty floor mounted shop equipment. As you go up further in the building it’s robotics, it’s electronics. Students from any discipline can come here and literally build anything.”

The SHED is expected to welcome around 15,000 visitors during academic periods. Interestingly, the name for this new establishment was coined by a student from RIT itself.

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