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Tens of thousands of New Yorkers could have their driver’s licenses suspended Friday, Dec. 1

In New York, a significant number of drivers are at risk of having their licenses suspended on Friday, Dec. 1, if they fail to comply with a state-mandated vision test and report the results to the Department of Motor Vehicles by the deadline.

This situation primarily impacts individuals whose licenses expired between March 1, 2020, and Aug. 31, 2021, amid the Covid-19 pandemic. During this period, license renewals could be processed online, with drivers self-certifying their vision due to the challenges of conducting in-person tests amidst the pandemic.

Those who renewed their licenses in this timeframe were obligated to provide the DMV with complete vision test results within a year.

As reported by CBS New York, over 50,000 New York drivers have yet to submit their vision test outcomes to the DMV. The initial submission deadline was Sunday, and failing to send the results by this Friday will result in license suspension.

The DMV has repeatedly informed the relevant drivers about this testing requirement over the past months.

According to PIX 11, vision tests are available at DMV offices for those who need them. Alternatively, tests can be conducted at authorized vision care providers, who can directly send the results to the DMV on behalf of the individual.

For those visiting providers not recognized by the DMV, PIX 11 notes that it’s possible to request a completed test report, which can then be submitted to the DMV either online or via mail.

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