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Canandaigua cannabis store closed for allegedly illegally selling cannabis

On Thursday, the Office of Cannabis Management in Canandaigua shut down Jaygega7.0, a store accused of unlawfully selling cannabis products.

Established in 2019 by George West, Jaygega7.0 initially began as a CBD retailer. However, following a directive from the Ontario County Supreme Court, the OCM executed an order to close the business and confiscate products valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars.

According to on-site statements by the OCM, the store was operating without a proper cannabis sales license. Earlier this year, the store received a cease violation notice but reportedly continued its operations, per OCM and the store’s owner.

A regulatory inspection in June led to the seizure of substantial merchandise due to alleged illegal activities.

Store owners George West and Emily Tapke were previously arrested in 2022 by local police for the unlawful sale of cannabis.

Despite the recent shutdown, West is not currently facing criminal charges but is scheduled for a court hearing.

OCM has clarified that violations like these render an individual ineligible to apply for a cannabis license for at least three years.

Daniel Haughney of OCM stated, “When our licensing division looks at applicants, they look at their past history, and they have been very clear from the beginning that if you’re going to going to operate illegally without a license… That’s not someone we’re looking to license.”

George West shared, “With the permit process, I do have an application in now, not for the CAURD program, but the regular one, I’m hopeful there I know that my chances aren’t good for that. I hope to continue to be able to do my job, and in the future be on the right side of the market.”

The property owner also risks legal liability in this matter. While the court date is not yet fixed, the OCM anticipates it will occur within the next few weeks.

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