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Investigation underway after restaurant shooting in Henrietta

Henrietta, New York – The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating a shooting that occurred early Sunday morning at a local restaurant in Henrietta. This alarming incident has raised concerns in the community, particularly about public safety in commonly frequented places.

Deputies quickly responded to a distressing call regarding shots fired. The call came in just before 1 a.m., and the incident took place at the Trio Restaurant located on Winton Place. Upon their arrival, a critical situation was uncovered. Deputies found a 28-year-old woman inside the restaurant suffering from a gunshot wound to her torso, a concerning and serious injury.

The immediate action was taken to provide aid to the victim. She was transported to Strong Memorial Hospital, where she is currently receiving medical care. The woman is being treated for serious injuries, which, fortunately, are considered non-life threatening. This information provides some relief amidst the distressing circumstances.

As of now, the search for the perpetrator is ongoing. No suspects have been taken into custody in relation to this shooting. The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office is actively seeking information from the public. They urge anyone with any knowledge about this incident to come forward and call 911. The involvement of the community could be crucial in apprehending the suspect and preventing further incidents.

The investigation is still in its early stages, and more details are expected to emerge as it progresses. The community is advised to stay alert and report any suspicious activities, helping to ensure the safety and security of everyone in the area.

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