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State Police arrest a man in possession of ghost gun, drugs in Rochester traffic stop

Rochester, New York – Cristian Gonzalez-Reyes, a 26-year-old resident of Rochester, was arrested on December 18, 2023, for several gun-related offenses. This arrest is part of the ongoing efforts to curb gun violence in the city, carried out by the specialized SP Rochester Gun Involved Violence Elimination (GIVE) unit.

The apprehension of Gonzalez-Reyes took place during a routine traffic stop on Hudson Ave in Rochester. Initially, he was pulled over for a seemingly minor offense: not wearing a seatbelt in his 2008 Chrysler Town and Country. However, the situation quickly escalated when the officers discovered more incriminating items in his possession.

Upon further investigation, the State Police found Gonzalez-Reyes in possession of an untraceable firearm, commonly known as a ‘ghost gun’, and cocaine. The firearm’s lack of a serial number poses a significant challenge for law enforcement, as it makes tracking and tracing the weapon’s history almost impossible.

Gonzalez-Reyes now faces multiple charges that highlight the gravity of his alleged offenses. These include possession of a loaded firearm, possession of a weapon with a previous conviction, possession of an untraceable firearm, and possession of a controlled substance.

Following his arrest, Gonzalez-Reyes was taken to the Monroe County Jail. He is currently awaiting a court hearing in Rochester City Court. This case not only illustrates the vigilant efforts of the State Police to combat gun violence and drug crimes but also serves as a reminder of the ongoing challenges law enforcement faces with the emergence of untraceable firearms in the community.

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