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New York State Thruway toll prices set to increase next week

Rochester, New York –┬áTravelers on the New York State Thruway should prepare for an increase in toll prices starting next week, as announced by the State Thruway Authority. This change marks the first adjustment in toll prices on this route in 14 years, signaling a significant shift for regular commuters and travelers alike.

Beginning January 1, 2024, toll prices will see a 5% increase. For example, the toll for traveling from Geneva to Rochester, which was $1.07 in 2023, will rise to $1.12 with the onset of the new year. However, this increase is just the beginning of a series of planned hikes.

Further changes are scheduled for January 1, 2027. The toll for the same Geneva-Rochester route will then increase to $1.17. Additionally, the rates for E-ZPass users will be adjusted from 4.5 cents per mile to 4.9 cents per mile. For those who do not use E-ZPass and opt for Tolls By Mail instead, the rates will see a more significant increase, reaching 8.6 cents per mile by 2027.

These upcoming changes will impact a significant number of drivers who use the New York State Thruway regularly. The toll increases are part of a broader strategy by the State Thruway Authority to manage the thruway’s operations and maintenance effectively. Travelers and daily commuters need to be aware of these changes and plan accordingly for the increased travel costs in the coming years. The move to raise toll prices after a long period reflects the ongoing adjustments needed to maintain and improve the thruway infrastructure, ensuring safe and efficient travel for millions of users.

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