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New York joins federal “Summer EBT” program to help children

New York City, New York – In a significant move to address food insecurity among children from low-income families, New York has announced its participation in the federal “Summer EBT” program. This initiative is a critical step in ensuring that children who rely on school meals during the academic year continue to receive nutritional support during the summer months.

The program is specifically designed to assist eligible students when schools are on summer break. Families who qualify for the program will receive $120.00 per child, providing a much-needed financial boost to ensure their children have access to adequate food during this period.

This development comes after several Rochester city council members advocated for Governor Hochul to join the federal program. Their efforts have been fruitful, as they express their elation over the fact that Rochester children will now have access to these crucial benefits. This initiative is seen as a vital measure to combat food insecurity and support the well-being of children across the state during the summer.

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