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Rochester responds to parvovirus outbreak with free dog vaccination clinic

Rochester, New York – Rochester Animal Services recently faced a challenging situation with a parvovirus outbreak that tragically resulted in the death of 11 dogs. This distressing event has highlighted the critical importance of vaccination for the prevention of such deadly diseases in pets.

To tackle this issue and prevent future outbreaks, Rochester Animal Services is actively encouraging all dog owners to ensure their pets are vaccinated. In a commendable effort to facilitate this, they organized a free vaccination clinic. This event took place on Friday afternoon at the Rochester Community Sports Complex on Smith Street. It was an excellent opportunity for city residents to get their dogs inoculated against this dangerous virus at no cost, showing a proactive approach to public and animal health.

In addition to this clinic, the Verona Street Animal Shelter has announced changes to its visiting hours, effective from Sunday. The new schedule is noon to six from Tuesday to Thursday, and noon to three from Saturday to Monday. Notably, the shelter will remain closed on Fridays.

Moreover, to maintain high standards of care and operation, the shelter has also decided to close on the third Tuesday of every month for staff training. It’s important for visitors to note that adoption and visitation hours will end 30 minutes before the shelter closes each day. These changes are likely aimed at enhancing the quality of service and ensuring the well-being of the animals in their care. The community’s response to these initiatives will be crucial in safeguarding the health of Rochester’s canine companions.

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