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Rochester police identify man shot to death inside vehicle over the weekend

Rochester, New York – Rochester police have recently released details of a tragic incident that occurred over the weekend.

According to Capt. Frank Umbrino of the Rochester Police Department, Julien Walthour, a 28-year-old resident of Rochester, was the unfortunate victim of this crime. The incident took place around 8:15 p.m. on Saturday, at the intersection of Avenue D and Bauman Street. Walthour was found critically injured, with at least one gunshot wound to his torso. He was discovered slumped over inside a vehicle, a scene that has since evoked deep concern and sorrow among the local populace.

Tragically, Walthour was pronounced dead at the scene of the crime. This incident has been identified as Rochester’s 58th homicide of the year 2023, a statistic that is as alarming as it is heartbreaking. This figure, reported by RPD’s Open Data Portal, underscores a growing issue of violence in the city.

As of now, no charges have been filed in connection with Walthour’s killing. The police are actively investigating the case and are seeking assistance from the public. They urge anyone with information about the fatal shooting to come forward and call 911.

This incident not only highlights the urgent need for community engagement in crime prevention but also serves as a stark reminder of the fragility of life. Julien Walthour’s untimely death is a loss to the Rochester community, and his memory serves as a call to action for all residents to work towards a safer, more peaceful community.

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