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Water main break led to school closures in Greece Central School District

Greece, New York – A significant water main break on Thursday morning prompted the Greece Central School District to cancel classes for students at two of its educational institutions.

The disruption caused by the water main break specifically affected Greece Athena Middle School and Greece Athena High School. Both schools, situated on the same campus along Long Pond Road in Greece, faced the direct impact of the break which occurred on their shared campus.

As a result of this incident, the district made a decision to cancel classes for the day at these two schools to ensure the safety and well-being of students and staff. The necessity of adequate water supply and the potential safety hazards posed by the break warranted this immediate action.

While the situation led to a disruption for students at the Athena schools, it was contained to that specific campus. The district confirmed that all other schools within the Greece Central School District continued to operate as usual. This decision reflects the localized nature of the water main break and the district’s ability to maintain regular operations in other schools.

The Greece Central School District, which serves approximately 10,775 students, had to navigate the challenges of this unexpected infrastructure issue while ensuring minimal disruption to the educational process across its other schools.

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