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Ruby Gordon Home announces bankruptcy liquidation sale after 90 years in business

Rochester, New York – Ruby Gordon Home, a cornerstone of the Rochester area’s retail landscape for over 90 years, has announced its bankruptcy liquidation sale following the company’s decision to close its doors permanently. This marks the end of an era for the third-generation family-owned business, which has been a familiar name in the community for nearly a century.

End of an Era for Ruby Gordon Home

The announcement came from Aaron Ruby, the CEO and third-generation owner, who revealed last week that the company had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last year and would subsequently be closing down. The decision was attributed to a combination of trying to reinvent the business model amidst a challenging period, the heavy financial investment required for such a transformation, and a nationwide slowdown in furniture sales, which ultimately led to unsustainable cash flow issues.

The closure has sparked concerns among Ruby Gordon’s loyal customers, particularly those who have experienced difficulties in receiving their ordered items or obtaining information about refunds. Recent reports in local media and on social media platforms have highlighted these issues, prompting a response from the company.

In a statement released on Sunday, Aaron Ruby expressed his regret over the disappointment faced by the company’s customers. “We were devastated when our loyal customers were disappointed with us,” Ruby stated, acknowledging the impact of the closure on the community that has supported the business for so long.

To address these challenges and ensure a smooth transition during the liquidation process, Ruby Gordon Home has taken proactive steps. The company has worked closely with the bankruptcy court to prioritize and fully support customers with open orders. Furthermore, a partnership with a nationally recognized liquidation specialist has been established to manage the sale effectively and assist customers with existing orders.

The liquidation sale is set to begin on Monday, Feb. 5, at the Ruby Gordon Home location on 3737 West Henrietta Road. Customers seeking information about their orders or the sale itself are encouraged to visit the store starting Monday or to call the store for more details. This event not only signifies the closing of a significant chapter in Rochester’s retail history but also highlights the challenges faced by traditional brick-and-mortar businesses in adapting to changing market dynamics.

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