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Rochester gas prices hold steady amid national increases

Rochester, New York – In a week where the national average for gas prices saw a notable rise, Rochester has managed to maintain its pace without any change. According to AAA, while the national average escalated by five cents, Rochester’s average gas price remained steady at $3.30 per gallon. This stability in Rochester contrasts with the broader trend of increasing fuel costs across the country, with the national average now at $3.40 per gallon.

Factors Influencing Fuel Prices

The persistence of Rochester’s gas prices, maintaining $3.30 per gallon from the previous week, comes as the national average experienced a surge, primarily attributed to two key factors. AAA points out that the increasing price of crude oil, coupled with a heightened demand for gas, is driving national prices upward. As spring approaches, more people are embarking on road trips, pushing the demand for gasoline higher.

Despite the steady average, Rochester’s gas prices showed some diversity, with the cheapest gas station pricing fuel at $2.99 per gallon and the most expensive station being $0.90 higher, according to a survey by GasBuddy. For those looking to find more affordable gas options, GasBuddy provides a helpful tool to locate the cheapest local stations.

Comparatively, Rochester shares its average gas price with Buffalo and is slightly more expensive than Syracuse by one cent. Elmira boasts the lowest gas prices among upstate New York cities, with an average of $3.21 per gallon. For those interested in exploring more about gas price trends, AAA’s website offers extensive information and analysis.

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