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Firefighters attacked while responding to medical emergency in Greece

Greece, New York – A man faces charges after an altercation with firefighters who were responding to a medical emergency in Greece.

The Greece Police Department reported the arrest of Jose Padua-Osorio, 32, following his aggressive confrontation with two firefighters. The firefighters, part of the Barnard Fire Department, were attending to a medical call on Northgate Manor when the altercation occurred. According to police reports, while the firefighters were assisting an adult patient, Padua-Osorio launched an attack on them.

The assault involved Padua-Osorio physically assaulting the firefighters by grabbing, punching, and headbutting them, which resulted in minor injuries to both individuals. The situation escalated until police officers intervened, leading to Padua-Osorio’s arrest after a brief use of force to subdue him.

Following the altercation, Padua-Osorio faces serious charges, including two counts of second-degree assault and charges related to obstructing firefighting operations and governmental administration. After his arraignment in Greece Town Court, he was detained at the Monroe County Jail, awaiting further legal proceedings. This incident underscores the risks faced by emergency responders and the importance of respecting their efforts to aid the community.

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